Flight Training

We take a different approach to flying lessons here at Ventura Flight Training. We focus on your goals and objectives and custom tailor our program to meet your needs. Many of our clients come to us with a dream. They want to learn to fly, and we want to make the journey to earning a pilot license as thrilling, safe, and realistic as possible!

Before training begins we work with you to set clear goals and organize a flexible schedule based on the frequency you would like to fly. We consider ourselves your partner in this pursuit and will be here to help motivate, inspire, and guide you.

We are firm believers that structure is essential to the training process and adhere to a training syllabus and utilize FAA textbooks. Our private pilot program is separated in to three stages – Pre Solo, Cross Country, and Pre Check Ride – each of which is focused on learning and mastering the different skills necessary to earn your pilots license.

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