What are the Ventura Office Hours?
Our standard office hours are 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week, all year round.
I have a busy schedule, can I still learn how to fly?
Absolutely! We are here to help you succeed. We will work around your schedule and figure out a regiment that works best for you. If you can’t fly during our normal hours we will try to pair you up with an instructor that can accommodate your schedule.
How is flight time charged?
We charge an hourly rate for our aircraft based on a meter in the airplane called the Hobbs. The Hobbs meter records how long the engine has been running. For example, if you were to fly a plane to another airport for lunch and spent two hours with the airplane on and one hour eating lunch you would only be charged for the two hours you flew.
What is the preferred rate and how large of a purchase do I have to make before I receive a preferred rate?
Some customers choose to commit further to training or rental and put money on account. We give these customers a preferred rate, which is a discount off of our standard rate. To receive the preferred rate we request a minimum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) on account.
What are the advantages to training in a PA-28 vs. a 172?
The PA-28 Piper Warrior and the Cessna 172 Skyhawk are relatively the same. They both have similar engines and so performance and fuel burn are comparable. Their flight characteristics are also nearly indistinguishable from each other. It can be compared to driving a Ford or a Chevy; they look different but ride the same. Both aircraft are widely accepted as two of the best training aircraft because of their outstanding safety record and positive stability. The real distinguishable difference is the visibility, which is far better in the low wing Piper.
Do you have package deals for the private or instrument rating?
Many schools will try to convince their students to pre purchase 40 hours since that is the FAA minimum to receive your license. We don’t do this for several reasons. The first reason is that even though the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours to take the test, the national average preparation time is closer to 65 hours. The last thing we want is to make you an unrealistic promise in the hopes of selling you a large expensive package. Your money is more valuable to you in your pocket. We do offer a discount to our customers who put one thousand dollars ($1,000) on account, or you can put more than that but it is up to you.
What else would I need to get before I start training? Medical, headset etc.?
Nothing! For the first few hours don’t worry about any of the other investments. You don’t need a medical until you are ready to fly solo. Some students prefer to get it sooner but it is entirely your prerogative. Don’t worry about spending money on an expensive headset either. We have several headsets for you to borrow and try. This way you’ll have an opportunity to find the one that will work best for you rather than blindly purchase a headset. The only thing required is a Sporty’s Syllabus and the FAA textbook before your second flight, and both are available in our pilot shop.
Can you estimate the time it will take me to complete the program?
Keep in mind that you are training to pass a test. This is not a program where you just need to accomplish certain tasks and then get certified. Every student learns at their own pace and the time to prepare will be based on your own ability and time commitments. The national average is 65 hours to earn the private pilots license. This number fluctuates with ability and frequency of practice. The more you fly, the easier it gets. If you schedule once a week you will likely be able to get it done in six to eight months.
What is the estimated the total cost for the private pilot’s license?
Since the duration of the program is entirely up to your commitment level and abilities it is hard to put an accurate number on the cost. Based on the average number of hours to get the license a good estimation is between eleven and fourteen thousand dollars ($11-14,000) over a 6 to 8 month time period.
When I get my license can I rent aircraft over night or for several days?
Absolutely! An aircraft is a great means for business travel and vacationing. There are 5 Piper Warriors in our fleet and so your ability to rent for extended trips rarely interferes with our regular schedule. We do have a daily minimum of two hours on week days and three hours on weekends. For example if you were to take an aircraft on a Tuesday and bring it back on Thursday you would be responsible for a minimum of four hours. We find that this is rarely an issue as people usually put more than the minimum on the aircraft anyway.




What is a First Flight Experience?
A First Flight Experience is a chance for you or someone you know to experience the thrill of flying in the pilot’s seat of a small aircraft.
Is the First Flight Experience the same as a Discovery Flight?
A Discovery Flight is typically a 30 minute flight that is too short and too rushed to actually create an amazing experience. We don’t call our offering a discovery flight because there is so much more included with our experience including a full hour of time in the aircraft and a whole list of extras:

  • 15 minutes of ground instruction
  • A logbook to record your flight for future training
  • A certificate of accomplishment
  • A Picture
  • A discounted ticket to the Cradle of Aviation museum
  • A coupon to the 56th fighter group restaurant located next door
  • A free Sporty’s pilot training DVD
  • A 6 month subscription to Flight Training Magazine
  • Up to two complimentary Headset Rentals
  • Option of bringing along a passenger
Why is this an unforgettable, unique experience?
Deeply rooted in the human experience is the desire to transcend, to break free from the physical limitations of our bodies and to take flight with the winged creatures that have inspired us for thousands of years. When you take the controls of an aircraft, the dream of flight becomes your reality and you experience control of 3 dimensional freedom. Authors, poets and artists have tried to communicate the feeling of flight, but nothing comes close to experiencing it for yourself. You’ve always wanted to….
What are the requirements for someone taking an introductory lesson?
The beauty of the introductory lesson (First Flight Experience) is that there are no requirements. It is all about having fun. Don’t over think it or spend time contemplating whether or not you want to get your pilots license. Just call us and schedule a time and get up and fly.
What can I expect during the lesson?
You will sit in the pilot seat and literally fly the aircraft for around 80% of the time! The controls are surprisingly intuitive and the planes are more stable than most people would anticipate. Also, expect to have sore cheeks from the big grin you will be sporting the entire time.
What time do I need to arrive?
You can schedule your flight most any time during daylight hours. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early to allow us some time to get to know you and you to know us. We have a family business culture so come be a part of our family of aviators.

Contact Us if you have any additional questions.